CEESCA Conference

May 31st  and June 1st  2017
Zagreb,  Croatia

Objectives of the PSD2 framework and the impact of the Open Banking APIs to payment service providers

CEESCA warmly welcome you to attend our open member Conference and Payment Service Directive 2 Training in Zagreb. Join us for the two days deep dive into the most relevant topics in digital financial services, meet new people and make strategically valuable business contacts.

The payment industry is changing fast, with new innovations and technologies. Take this unique opportunity and join us in Payment Service Directive 2 training course on the second day of conference, June 1st 2017.a


  • vPSD2 in a nutshell
  • vArtificial Intelligence in financial world
  • vPotential of face recognition biometrics
  • vEvolution of mobile
  • vFuture of payments terminals

CEESCA meetings are well-known for their exceptionally friendly and open atmosphere, which creates the famously easy-going networking. At our events, you often hear the phrase:  “… in that case, let me introduce you to…” .

We are looking forward to seeing you

in the beautiful city of Zagreb!

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