CEESCA meetings

CEESCA meetings are well known for their exceptionally friendly and open atmosphere, which creates the famously easy-going networking. At our events, you often hear the phrase:  “… in that case, let me introduce you to…”  and we’ve done that. After eight years of hard work and successful conferences in Slovenia, Czech Republic, Croatia, Hungary, Serbia, we held CEESCA conference for the first time in Sarajevo.

Fifty executive attendee’s form Banks, MNO’s, Card Solutions, Processors, Issuers & Acquirers shared and exchanged their knowledge and opinions, making this CEESCA conference a great source of new and fresh information.

The theme that created the most “buzz” was Blockchain. We talked about Blockchain as a technology, together with the virtual currencies it supports and also as a major disruptive potential for the backend of the payments chain. We talked about how Blockchain in finance discussion is starting to take center stage. Questions about legal, regulatory and compliance ramifications were raised? On that note we would like to thank Dr. Zoran Bohacek for his great insights about the latest updates, hands-on demos of Blockchain and action presented at the conference.

We would also like to thank everyone who attended the conference for devoting their precious time and coming to our event. Thank you for a really good conference, great speakers, excellent debate and great time with close customers and friends…and  YES  Book 12th, 13th and 14th  September 2016 in your calendars …see you at the new CEESCA conference in beautiful Dubrovnik.


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