About Dinocolor

We guarantee you a good night’s sleep. No, we do not sell comfortable beds or pillows. We provide safe solutions that will protect your company or web data – solutions that will give you peace of mind that your newly issued cards and terminals are in line with the highest standards and safe from abuse. Yes, we offer a peaceful night’s sleep without worries.

The companies we cooperate with are not only “customers”, but people with whom we build long-term partnership relationships based on trust and support.

Together with our partners, we have realised exceptional projects in various areas – from issuing personal identity documents to bank cards and various loyalty programmes that are part of our everyday life. Indirectly, we are responsible for issuing more than three million bank cards and documents annually. We encourage curiosity and the desire to find new solutions. We employ top professionals who continuously upgrade their knowledge in the field of new technologies and system solutions, both at home and abroad.

Since 1978.