National ID

Issue National ID cards with the most advanced personalization technologies available.

Governments must issue highly secure national ID cards to effectively minimize identity theft, manage immigration and maintain accurate civil registry data. Multi-application cards, e-government IDs and converged identity documents create complex security considerations.




Drivers Licenses

Conform to changing government standards while protecting against fraud, forgery and alterations. Faced with increasing rates of fraud, administrators in driver’s license programs are working to increase security throughout the issuance process.





Travel IDs & Passports

Maximize document security without inconveniencing travelers. Passports, e-passports and e-visas are critical lines of defense against illegal immigration, crime, terrorism and other international threats. As foreign travel continues to increase, governments worldwide strive to maximize document security without inconveniencing travelers.





Other Government Applications

Includes Electronic Benefits Transfer, Social Security, State ID, Transit, Voter ID, Law Enforcement ID and First Responder ID. Throughout the world ID cards are used to provide citizens with access to specialized resources, benefits and privileges.





Electronic Pool Book

Automate management of voter registration data, expedite voter check-in and strengthen overall poll site security with our electronic poll book system.







Government Employee and Military IDs

Increase security and meet FIPS 201 and interoperability standards. In an effort to prevent fraud, counterfeiting and exploitation, governments around the world are increasing security by issuing employee IDs, contractor IDs and military IDs that meet FIPS 201 and interoperability standards. Datacard offers cost-effective solutions that maximize security through the entire document issuance process





National Healthcare

Securely capture and manage personal data for efficient identification and verification processes.