Loyalty & Membership




Membership Cards

Give members high-quality personalized cards for easy identification and access control.

Personalized customer membership cards with photos make it easy to identify members who are entitled to special privileges and services. Adding bar codes, smart card chips or magnetic stripes to plastic membership cards provide convenient access control to various facilities and help enable other capabilities.



Direct Mail

Deliver highly targeted messages with uniquely persuasive promotions.

Effective direct mail campaigns keep every customer coming back for more. To reach the right audience with the right message, you need memorable promotions that differentiate your brand.




Issue new and replacement co-branded and affinity cards quickly, affordably and securely.



Loyalty Cards

Promote your brand and capture critical customer data with attractive loyalty cards.

Creative personalized customer loyalty cards enable retailers, casinos and many others to provide customer loyalty reward points, discounts and perks. Customer loyalty card programs also create opportunities to track customer data and use it to build strong, lasting relationships



Prepaid and Gift Cards

Although a relatively new (dating back to the late 1990s) concept, Gift Card market it is the fastest growing segment of all card products in the world, with its overall value topping €110 billion. Consumer gift cards are a growing phenomenon as these cards are being used as a replacement for traditional paper gift certificates. Consumers have strongly adopted this product – awareness and usage of gift cards is growing rapidly