Attacher GV300 Print Finishing System



The Datacard® Attacher® GV300 print finishing system produces compelling, creative packages that drive revenue and build customer loyalty. Ideal for financial, retail, bindery/fulfillment, gift card and greeting card applications, this versatile system offers the unique fulfillment capabilities you need to stand out in a crowded market.

  • Handle formats up to 300mm (12.0 in.)
  • Deliver up to 25,000 packages per hour for large job processing.
  • Save time with fast setup and easy operation.
  • Create an ideal system with a modular design.


Innovative capabilities

The Attacher GV300 system offers the unique fulfillment capabilities required to create a wide range of formats and attract high-margin jobs. It handles flat or folded sheets, signatures, brochures, booklets, leaflets and envelopes up to 9″ x 12″/A4 in size. The system also applies plastic cards, CDs, coins, sachets and many other items, including dimensional objects.

Versatile design
The Attacher GV300 system has a modular design that makes it easy to move and install feeders and other top-mount components. Vacuum transport modules can be added at any time, so you can acquire new capabilities and protect your investment. Options include folding, scoring, match verification, inkjet personalization and page opening.

Exceptional speed and productivity
The Attacher GV300 system processes up to 13,000 carriers or documents per hour and can be upgraded to process up to 25,000 packages per hour. Its innovative design helps ensure positional accuracy and real-time verification protects data integrity.


Flexible feeding
Feed paper and plastic documents, letterhead, envelopes, ID1 cards, breakaway cards, key tags, 2-up cards, mini cards, coupons, magnets, single-use packets and other dimensional items quickly and efficiently.

Inline personalization
Ensure clear, crisp personalization of cards and carriers with modules for UV DoD continuous inkjet, water-based or MEK printing. These methods adhere to a wide range of substrates, providing near-thermal print quality at high speeds.

System controller software
The single system controller and intuitive operator interface help maximize efficiency and data integrity.

Magnetic stripe encoding
The Attacher GV300 system performs hi-co and lo-co magnetic stripe encoding, as well as compressed encoding, reverse encoding and dual magnetic stripe encoding.

Barcode grading
Capabilities include fixed-position scanning and high-speed, inline ISO/ANSI-method verification of linear barcodes.

Camera verification
To ensure data integrity, the GV300 print finishing system controller and cameras work together to track and record the data record as each card is processed.

Batch label printing
Batch thermal label printing is ideal for inline packaging of processed batches.

Page opening
Open pre-folded documents prior to affixing or printing.

Card/carrier turnover
Flip a variety of cards and carriers while maintaining the exact position required to print on and/or encode both sides accurately. Place this module between two printer/encoder modules for duplex printing/encoding, or at the beginning of the line for verification.

Choose from V-, C-, Z- or roll folding. Folding components can be interchanged with feeders or opening components. Back folding or cross folding is also available.

Affix cards, CDs, coupons and other dimensional items using two-sided tape, labels, hot glue or cold (water-based) glue.

Place labels with extreme accuracy. Choose from scratch-off, activation, terms and conditions, and double-sided labels.

Divert and delivery systems
Detect and divert mismatched cards and carriers to separate remake or reject bins without interrupting production. High-speed batch and shingle delivery of cards and carriers ensures easy removal from the system.