Entrust IdentityGuard

Strong Authentication & Identity Management Platform

All organizations — enterprises, governments or financial institutions — require the means to authenticate the identities of users, machines or mobile devices for access to sensitive networks, services, applications or facilities.

While the demand for strong authentication has extended beyond traditional users, technology now exists that presents organizations with new opportunities to improve security, while reducing operating cost. These include physical and logical access solutions, digital certificates on mobile devices, soft tokens, advanced credentialing and more.




Existing point authentication solutions are no longer up to the task of thwarting advances that exploit vulnerabilities in a variety of channels or mediums. Whether the root threats originate from internal or external sources, critical information, data and identities are at constant risk.

Entrust’s flagship authentication solution, Entrust IdentityGuard leads the industry as one of the most robust authentication and identity-assurance platforms. It delivers an unmatched breadth of capabilities and flexibility to meet the most demanding security environments.

By leveraging a cost-effective platform to authenticate and manage digital identities, businesses can broaden their security deployment, provide flexibility for employees and partners, while achieving operating efficiencies and maximizing their return on investment.



To effectively mitigate risk, enable true efficiency and satisfy customers in the mobile environment, organizations must properly secure mobile devices and identities — but in a way that minimizes user barrier and frustrations. Once secured, organizations then have the opportunity to leverage mobile devices to actually improve security in other parts of the business.


This two-pronged approach — first secure the device, then leverage it to improve security — is an effective method to reduce business risk and introduce new, innovative transactional services that improve the user experience for customers and employees.


Digital certificates may be provisioned and managed through a variety of methods. By issuing and managing digital certificates via Entrust’s cloud-based services, organizations reduce costs, streamline deployment and ease burdens on IT support staff.

Organizations may seamlessly provision and manage digital certificates and identities — for both users and devices. This approach reduces costs, increases efficiency and simplifies setup and deployment.

Digital certificates are transparently delivered to users or mobile devices through the Entrust IdentityGuard Cloud Services platform, removing the complexity of deploying and managing an on-premise PKI/certification authority (CA).


By leveraging a software-based platform approach, organizations can consolidate all authentication processes with a single, proven solution — Entrust IdentityGuard.

Whether it’s a smartcard or mobile smart credential for physical/logical access, or a unique grid card for strong authentication to a VPN, Entrust IdentityGuard is one of the most versatile authentication platforms available. It allows organizations to deploy the right authenticator to different user groups based on the amount of associated risk, access requirements, unique user needs and cost.