The Most Trusted Identity Credentials

The Global Leader in Citizen eID & ePassport Identification Solutions

Entrust provides a variety of proven and trusted options for governments seeking to implement a citizen identification and ePassport programs. From citizen eID cards, ePassports, digital certificates and strong citizen authentication, Entrust offers expertise, affordability and versatility unmatched by any vendor.



Based on trusted public key infrastructure (PKI) technology, Entrust provides solutions for first- and second-generation ePassports, as well as numerous citizen identification initiatives. In fact, ePassport technology is based on two current standards: Basic Access Control (BAC) and Extended Access Control (EAC).

Both enable strong border control and authentication of identities and biometric datasets on today’s machine-readable travel documents (MRTDs).


For citizen eID credentials, digital certificates, unified smartcards, strong authentication and more, governments seek proven methods to provide secure citizen access to eGovernment applications and services.

Entrust provides end-to-end security solutions for citizen-centric environments and the protection of digital identities. Entrust’s citizen eID infrastructure can either be newly established or extended from an existing government Entrust PKI, such as an ePassport deployment, and provided either as software to be installed in-house or from a managed service.


Deploy a true “point-and-click” PKI system for strong border control and seamless authentication of identities and biometric datasets on today’s electronic machine-readable travel documents (eMRTDs). Interoperable, scalable and validated by third-party testing, Entrust is the unquestioned leader in global ePassport security deployments.

Plus, Entrust provides the necessary solutions — whether via a hosted or in-house model — for both the proper issuance and inspection of today’s advanced ePassports.