Launch your Instant Issuance program with the right mix of afford-ability, security and simplicity

The Datacard® CD820™ instant issuance system offers tough security and versatile printing and encoding options When combined with CardWizard® software, it can help support an instant issuance program that will capture more business, improve card activation rates and reduce issuance costs

Impress customers by providing an activated card in a matter of minutes.

Meet VISA and MasterCard instant issuance security guidelines

Increase activation rates, card usage and other revenue-driving metrics

Transition to a smart card program seamlessly


    Versatile printing and flexible configurations

    Personalize pre-printed cards with standard monochrome ribbons, or dazzle your customers with photos and custom graphics that stretch from edge to edge.

    Card Direct Printing (direct-to-card), edge-to-edge, one-sided (simplex) or two-sided (duplex) print technology enables Datacard® TruMatch ™.

    Safe encoding of magnetic stripes and contact/contactless smart cards.

    Provide additional capacity and flexibility with additional input hopper

    Software security

    Reduce risk of fraud with our user adjustable encryption and built-in functions for checking cards

    Protect the data on the magnetic stripe by using a triple-DES or AES-128th

    Protect your printer and supplies with a hardware lock


    Entrust datacard is a leading manufacturer of pvc card issuing and personalization solutions. Expect simple operation, proven performance and cost-effective results.

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